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key duplication

What is the Cost of Duplicating Car Keys?

If you have ever been on the wrong side of a car lockout situation, you know how important it is to have more than one car key. If you haven't yet found yourself in this situation, count yourself lucky because it happens more often than most of us would like to admit. It is better […]
car door

How To Open a Car Door That Won't Open From The Inside or Outside

If you have been locked out of your car, that is frustrating enough, but what do you do if the car door will not open from the inside or outside? There are several varied reasons this could happen, and, in most cases, you will need the assistance of a locksmith or mechanic. There are a […]
ignition switch lock

What To Do If Your Car Key Won't Turn in The Ignition

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere, and you stick your key in the ignition, and it won't turn? If so, you know this is a very upsetting situation, and you may start to panic due to your need to get somewhere fast. While this is completely understandable, panic won't help you […]
car trunk

What To Do if Your Trunk Won't Open?

As lockout problems go, this one is not so major. Not that that makes it any less of a frustrating situation for you, but it is a straightforward problem that has simple solutions. The problem is most likely one of the three following issues. Issues The most common issue is when you accidentally lock your […]
broken house key

How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock?

Dealing with a broken key is a hard enough situation on its own, but add to it that your broken key is stuck in the lock?! This is outright frustrating, but we at ASAP Locksmith want to help you with this less than pleasant situation. In this article, we are going to cover the different […]
unlock door without key

How To Unlock a Door Without A Key?

So, you're locked out and don't have a key, but you need to get in. What are you going to do? How can you unlock a door without a key? I will assume that if you found this page, you are probably asking yourself these questions right now and want a quick fix. Since I […]
lost car keys

What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys?

We never realize how essential our car keys are until we reach into our pocket, and they aren't there. Losing your car keys is not a fun situation, but there is no need to panic. This isn't as bad as it seems, and while it may be uncomfortable, it is solvable. When dealing with a […]

What Are Your Options When You're Locked Out of Your House

Have you ever noticed that some of the most helpful things we learn in life we learn when we are embarrassed or have made a foolish mistake? I know that is the case with me. When I was a teenager, I was incredibly forgetful like most teenagers, and I was a latch, key kid. Meaning […]
Broken Key

How To Fix a Broken Key

Every day we use keys to get into our cars and homes, but what no one ever expects is for their key to break. Keys are vital for our security and safety, but what do you do when one breaks? Keys can break in many ways, so let's discuss the types of breaks and how […]
Car Lockout Situation

6 Options for Who To Call When Keys Locked in Car

Imagine this, you woke up late for work. You rush to get ready, run to your car, and realize the keys are still sitting in your ignition. Seems like a terrible start to your day, right? Wrong! This problem is easy to solve with no undue stress. Let's go over the options of who you […]