Improve your home security during Christmas

Christmas is approaching and you must be preparing to get the most out of this event. Decorating your house from inside and outside is necessary to win your family and friends. Buying them gifts and preparing the surprises will surely win their hearts. Christmas is the day of celebration and entertainment. Where at one point, Christmas is a festive occasion, on the other hand, your security is at stake. Many friends and their acquaintance comes to visit the party at your home. You must be aware of the burglars, who may intrude in your house.

You may get occupied by the preparation tasks for the Christmas, which increases the chances for burglars to break in. The need to stay vigilant arises on this amazing occasion of the year. If you stay careless, the risk of burglary increases by 20% to 30%. We have a few suggestions for you to keep your house secure throughout the celebration:

Don’t update your plans on Social Media

You never know who is stalking you on social media. It is advisable to not share your plans for the Christmas Eve on Facebook or any other social media channel. Your plan information can provide hints for the burglars to break into your house. Do not announce on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat that you are on a vacation. Burglars are vigilant always to find the loophole in your security. Keeping yourself protected and your home should be your first priority. Always keep the plans secret among your family members.

Install a new or replace old alarm system

If your old alarm system is not working properly, don’t neglect it. Take charge of the situation and repair the old system. If you don’t have one, we recommend you to install the new alarm system. The latest alarm system is connected to the CCTV of your house. You can see guests coming through the CCTV of your house. Likewise, the alarm system can warn against the unwanted intrusion by dubious people. Secure your house this Christmas season by our advanced alarm system

Check all the locks one by one

Do not assume that all the locks are functioning perfectly without inspecting them. Before this Christmas, set a time of the day for inspection of all the locks. This will give you the peace of mind and you’ll be relaxed during celebrations. Do check all of the locks and your security system at home. In case of any broken or malfunctioning lock, call the security experts right away to avoid any burglary. Do not try to attempt the repair by yourself as it may cause you injury. If any rekeying is required or new lock system is needed, we’ll take care of all the stuff.

Hide your expensive belongings

This is the most important step which can save you from any potential harm. We advise you to keep your expensive belongings like credit/debit cards, cash, and jewelry in a locker. It is better to hide your car by a cover, as well. You must have bought special gifts, and it is preferable to put them at a place where no one can access them except your family. This strategy will decrease the chances of unintended loss by the guest children too.

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