What Is The Cost For a Locksmith To Unlock My Car?

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Publish at Dec 21, 2021 By: Dustin Fernandez
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When you are locked out of your car, you may be tempted to break a window or try a DIY method to regain entry. While breaking into your vehicle will allow you access again, it will also be quite dangerous. Not only that, you will now have a costly window to replace. Before you do something that could cost you a lot of money out of frustration, you should consider calling a locksmith.

Locksmiths are trained in handling all lockout issues on the spot and can come to assist you at any time, day or night. They not only can help you in regaining entry, but they can also make a new key for your lock or replace it if needed. These services, of course, have a cost, but exactly how much? This article aims to give you an overview of how much you can expect to pay for an automotive locksmith.

Services Needed

The most significant factor to consider when estimating the cost of an automotive locksmith is what services are needed. Is this a simple problem of locking the keys in the car? Or is it more complex where the key broke off in the lock? Is this an urgent need or emergency? The answers to these questions significantly affect the overall cost you will pay.

Below are some examples of different base costs you will pay for various services. Remember, these are just base numbers, not quotes. To know exactly how much it will cost, please give us a call here at ASAP Locksmith, and we can provide you with a more exact quote.

  • Basic Lockout - In the case of a basic lockout, it means that your keys are easily accessed if the doors are unlocked. No keys need to be replaced, and the vehicle has a primary vehicle lock. These services can range anywhere from $60 to $90.
  • Emergency Situation - In an emergency, the service is needed urgently. Examples of this could be if you get locked out in a dangerous area or if your child is locked in the car. In the case of an emergency, the cost is usually more since you need service immediately. Emergencies can cost anywhere between $80 to $100 for assistance.
  • High-Security Lockout - If your vehicle falls into the high-security vehicle category, it will be more costly if you are locked out. This is because these more advanced security systems are harder to break into, causing more work for the locksmith. The cost of this service can be between $90 to $120.
  • Broken Key - If your key has broken off in the lock, this can be a more costly service as it will need to be extracted. Extracting a key can cost $70 to $100. Keep in mind this is only to remove the broken key. To have a new key made or to have your lock rekeyed will be an additional cost.
  • Rekeying Your Lock - You may need to have your locks rekeyed in case of a broken key or a lockout. The cost to rekey your locks is based on per cylinder. The cost of replacing one cylinder can range from $45 to $65. If you have a basic four-door sedan, you will need to replace all four cylinders making your total between $180 and $260. Depending on the number of locks, this can become quite costly. 
  • Ignition Cylinder Repaired or Replaced - This is one of the most costly problems that can happen with your car locks. If your ignition cylinder needs to be repaired or replaced, you can pay anywhere between $125 and $465 to have it done by a locksmith. Keep in mind this is a much cheaper rate than you would get at the car dealership.
  • New Keys Cut - The price of having a new key cut for your car will differ significantly based on the make and model of your vehicle. It will also depend on the type of key needing replaced. Basic key cutting can cost between $95 and $165. The price quickly climbs if you have a more high-tech key such as a transponder key, key fob, or keyless remote. These can cost anywhere between $90 to $400 to duplicate.

Do You Need A Locksmith?

After hearing all these numbers, you may be starting to think maybe that coat hanger trick I saw online will work after all? We know seeing lists of prices can be overwhelming, but keep in mind these prices are only estimates, and there is no way to know your exact cost until a locksmith assesses what is needed.

We here at ASAP Locksmith strongly caution you against DIY methods as you could damage your locks and end up making this a much more costly issue than it needs to be.

When you call a locksmith, you know you have the work completed by a skilled, trained, licensed professional. This means if something goes wrong or mistakes happen, you are not liable. The locksmith will come back and fix any mishaps. It also means that the work being done is completed by a professional with extensive training in this field. This ensures that everything is done accurately and efficiently.

Another benefit to calling a locksmith is that you can get service fast. Locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they can usually reach you in less than half an hour. They also are significantly more affordable and convenient than the dealership. Locksmiths come to you any time, day or night. If you go to a dealership, you will need to set up an appointment and go to them for service. Not only that, it will cost much more at the dealership than if you were to hire a locksmith.

ASAP Locksmith

We here at ASAP Locksmith pride ourselves on providing the best and most efficient service for our customers. If you need assistance unlocking your car, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will happily answer any questions you have and send someone out to help you right away.

Article written by: Dustin Fernandez
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