6 Options for Who To Call When Keys Locked in Car

Car Lockout Situation
Publish at Sep 05, 2021 By: Dustin Fernandez
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Imagine this, you woke up late for work. You rush to get ready, run to your car, and realize the keys are still sitting in your ignition. Seems like a terrible start to your day, right? Wrong! This problem is easy to solve with no undue stress. Let's go over the options of who you can call if you are in this frustrating situation.

Who To Call When Your Keys Are Locked in The Car?

A Friend

The first and easiest option is to call a friend who is holding a spare key for you. We recommend always having a friend with a spare key whether it be for your house or car. Make sure this is a friend who can help you out no matter where you may find yourself stranded. This is the quickest and most affordable option, but if you don't have a friend with a spare key, there are other options.

An Automotive Locksmith

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The next best option is to call our car locksmith services. We will get you back into your beloved vehicle fast and easily. We are open 24 hours and can help unlock any car, no matter whether the model is old or new. If you locked your keys in the trunk, the key broke off, or you need a new ignition cylinder, we can help with it all. We will provide you with excellent customer support, high-quality service, and affordable solutions.

The Car Dealership

Another option you have is to contact the car dealership where you purchased your vehicle. Sometimes, dealerships will include roadside assistance in your package when you buy your car. If this is the case, they would list it in your contract. Please note often if they include this service it is only for a limited time, so check and make sure it hasn't expired before using this option.

One unique thing that some car dealerships can do if your car has this capability is to unlock your car remotely. Once you have verified your identity they can open the car and you will be on your way. To see if you have this service please refer to your dealership. Your dealership should also be able to provide you with a spare key to regain entrance to your car. Please note costs can vary for these services and will often turn out to be very expensive when compared with calling a locksmith.

Your Car Insurance Provider

A further option that most wouldn't think of is to call your car insurance provider. If you have emergency roadside assistance coverage, you can call your provider and they will send help your way. If you don't have this coverage, you can still check to see if they will reimburse or cover the cost of a locksmith. Please check your policy to see if this is a relevant option for you.



An option that is also very easy is to call AAA if you have their subscription. They charge the subscription once a year. They can help in most cases, but not all. If there is a more in-depth problem, they may not have the expertise to handle the situation, and you will need to bring in a professional.

The Police

As a last resort, you can call the police. Take note that this should always be the last call you make and make sure you have tried all the above options before resorting to this. If you end up in a dangerous situation and you have no other option, the police can help you in reentering your vehicle. Keep in mind this may not always be an option. The police may be too busy dealing with public safety and criminal issues to assist in this smaller matter. However, if they can help, you will need to verify who you are, so they know they are not assisting you in breaking into someone else's car.


So, in conclusion, the next time you forget your keys in the car, don't stress! Remember you have options, and please reach out to us here at ASAP Locksmith Dallas TX, we will be happy to help!

Article written by: Dustin Fernandez
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